Sedin Golf Resort is a golf course surrounded by the riparian forests of the Little Danube, offering three types of golf courses in one eighteen-hole layout. The course alternates between wooded areas and partially links-style terrain. Water surfaces are an integral part of the course, accompanying players across multiple holes. The interesting design and environment where the holes are located provide players with the space to test their real possibilities and abilities. The course has a higher level of difficulty, but on the other hand it has been designed in a very fair way, taking into account both the players and the current trends in golf. With the appropriate selection of tees according to the player’s performance, we offer a great golf experience to beginners advanced players and PROs.

PAR 73 and a length of approximately 6,492 meters pose a challenge even for highly skilled players.

High-quality driving range and practice areas. For complete beginners, we offer an introduction to golf with a coach and a one-hour training program to get acquainted with golf.
Ideal environment for:

  • Corporate activities and events
  • Amateur golf tournaments
  • Professional Golf Tournaments

Did you know?

  • We use up to 120 rakes for maintaining the bunkers!
  • We counted as many as 56 swans on one lake.
  • Why is the colour of buildings, accessories and golf equipment on the course grey?

To match the Populus ALBA! The white poplar, a tree from the willow family, grows up to 35 meters tall! It can reach an age of 300 to 400 years. The diameter of the trunk can reach up to 4.5 m. As it gets older, the upper bark gets discoloured and that is why we have everything in this colour. Our trees are about 80-100 years old.

A resort with a course where you can play like a true master